Storage Drawers Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8


What is Storage Drawers Mod?

This mod gives you chances to try new storage solutions to your workshops that resembles a mix of Jabba Barrels and Bibliocraft

You’ll be spamming left and right clicks a lot while interacting with the drawers, but there’s nothing for it. This can make the Storage Drawers mod kind of annoying for some players, but the fact they can hold so much stuff in them is something that just can’t be ignored. The drawers come in five different sizes – half 2×2, half 1×2, full 2×2, full 1×2 and full 1×1. Though it might sound like the smallest one, the full 1×1 can actually hold 32 stacks of blocks per drawer, with several drawers being in a single block. Once you work out how to deposit and retrieve items, this mod is excellent.




Download Link:

Storage Drawers Mod Minecraft

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