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Horses are the first controllable mount in Minecraft. You will need to tame them before you can ride them. Once tamed, they won’t despawn. There are 36! different kind of Horses available.

Only regular horses, donkeys and zebras spawn in the wild.

Horses need a saddle to be ridden. You can use either regular or horse saddles on them. Once you mount the horse, you’ll need to break it by riding it repeatedly, you can make the process easier by feeding the horse hay, sugar lumps or apples.

Tamed horses can be bred with the following combinations:


The Gofa made this video explaining the breeding chart:

This is the formula for the Essence of Undead. The Heart of undead is a rare drop of the Undead horse mobs, found at night. The essence of undead is used to obtain undead horses and heal them.

When riding and undead horse, mobs will not attack you.

To obtain rarer horses, you need a Zebra and the rare essences:

Essence of Fire. The heart of fire is found only as a rare drop of Nightmares on the nether.

Essence of Darkness. The heart of darkness is a rare drop of bathorses.

Bathorses are aggressive mob horses found at night, mostly on underground caves.

The Essence of Light is made by combining the other three essences

The zebras can be found more frequently on plains biomes. You can increase the frequency of Zebras spawning by changing the ‘Zebra Chance’ option of the mod.

Wild Zebras will flee on sight unless you’re riding a white spotted or cow horse (tier 4 horses) or if you’re riding another Zebra or Zorse. Once you tame a Zebra, you can breed a Zorse.

Zorses are sterile and if given an essence of fire will transform it to a Nightmare. Giving it an essence of Darkness will transform the Zorse into a bat horse.

If you give an essence of light to a nightmare, you will obtain an Unicorn. Unicorns can buckle other creatures and fall very slowly, floating down.

If you give an essence of light to a Bat horse, while the bathorse is high in the sky at the cloud level, it will trasnform into a Pegasus.

Pegasus and Unicorns can breed a White Fairy horse, however both will dissapear in the process. You need to give them both Essence of lights to get them ready for the mating. Also essence of light is used to heal them.

If you give a light blue dye, a pink dye, or a lime dye to a white fairy horse, it will transform into a blue, pink or green fairy horse. Fairy horses can carry a small inventory, if given a chest.

Amulets are used to capture horses. The horses will drop any saddle, armor or inventory before being captured in the amulet. Only certain horses can be trapped in amulets:

Amulet of the sky, to capture pegasus or black pegasus

Fairy amulet for the fairy horses

Ghost amulet, that can capture ghost horses

Bone amulet, used to capture skeleton horses

Horses can now wear armor, from softer to sturdier. They mitigate the damage the horses receive.

Iron Horse Armor

Gold Horse Armor

Diamond Horse Armor

And crystal armor for the rare horses

(pending picture)

This is how you craft the Horse Saddle:


The only way to dismount a horse is by clicking the sneak key (shift)

Quick guide on how to breed horses:

Rules for breeding:

-The horses to breed should be kept close (no more than 4 blocks away)

-There should be no other horses around (8 blocks)

-You have to feed them both to start the process (suitable foods are mushroom soup or pumpkins or rare essences for the rarer horses)

-it takes time (about 1/2 Minecraft day)

Quick Guide on How to use the Horses’ Inventory:

-Donkeys, mules, pegasus, black pegasus and fairy horses can carry bags

-The horse needs to be tamed, and you need to give it a chest (only once)

-A key will appear in your inventory. You can use that key to open any horse inventory. If the key is lost, you can craft a new one.

How to activate the Nightmare’s special ability:

-it has to be tamed, you need to give it a redstone.

-after that, ride it… and be careful

You can craft a rope:

that can be used to tie horses and BigCats, so they will follow you.

Mo’Creatures Mod Videos:

How to install Mo’Creatures Mod for Minecraft:

Please make a backup of your minecraft.jar file and then:

  • 1. Install Minecraft Forge installer
  • 2. Install GUI API (you have to unzip the .zip file and add all of its contents to your minecraf.jar file)
  • 3. Download and install Custom Mob Spawner Mod
  • 4. Locate your .minecraft/mods folder
  • 5. Copy the file inside your .minecraft/mods folder
  • 6. Play

Notes: Before updating to Mo’Creatures for 1.6.2 (1.6.4), make sure you ran Mo’Creatures for 1.5.2 first and store your tamed pets on the new PetAmulets, otherwise they will be lost!

Mod Download Links:

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