Last jump hero Map

Last jump hero Map

Last jump hero Map Info:

Last Jump Hero is a Jump ‘n’ Run parkour map for minecraft. You can play this map with up to three players. The current playtime is about 1 hour 30 mins.

There are 5 worlds to complete, with each world having 5 different levels.

World I: Green Forest

World II: Desert Hills

World III: Sea of Lava

World IV: Hell

World V: Into the End


2013 01 12 152207 zps49189f65 Last jump hero Map

2013 01 12 152136 zpsf63c0461 Last jump hero Map

2012 12 15 194554 zps52f40d28 Last jump hero Map

How to install:

LAST JUMP HERO: The Sixth World is a continuation of Last Jump Hero. Same rules, same idea, same joy: Jump and run!

IMPORTANT: You need to play LAST JUMP HERO before playing LAST JUMP HERO: The Sixth World

Download Last jump hero Map:

Last jump hero Map:

Last jump hero Map: The Sixth World