BetterFps Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

BetterFps Mod for Minecraft

The name of the BetterFPS alone is enough to explain what the mod’s been designed for. Framerate has remained a constant issue for Minecraft ever since it surfaced many years back. It’s rather surprising to many people that this game suffers from framerate issues because its visuals don’t really seem to be that resource heavy. However, due to a lack of proper optimization, Minecraft requires players to have a relatively high-end PC in order to run it without having any issues with the FPS (Frames Per Second). Fortunately, there are many different mods out there that enhance the game’s FPS in various ways and the BetterFPS is one of them.



The BetterFPS mod does its thing by changing the way the game calculates the sine and cosines. Doing this allows the game to function much better so this mod is pretty much a godsend if you’re using a low end PC and are struggling to run Minecraft smoothly. Of course it won’t solve all the FPS problems you face with the game but it will certainly reduce them significantly which will allow you to have a much smoother and therefore more enjoyable experience when playing Minecraft.






Easy Installation:

Guichaguri, who is the developer of the BestFPS Mod, has made it compatible with both Minecraft Forge and Minecraft Vanilla. When it comes to Minecraft Forge, all you have to do is find the installation folder of the game and copy or move the mod file in the “Mods” folder. If you have Minecraft Vanilla, you have to double clock on the mod file, see if the Minecraft installation folder is correct and install it. Next, you have to open the Minecraft Launcher, create a new profile or edit an existing one, find the Mod in the version list and select it.

Download Link:

BetterFps Mod

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